4 Corner Grain Matched Jatoba Jewelry Box with Invisio-Hinge

On display at Gallery Calapooia in Albany, Oregon.

Solid Jatoba ( Brazilian Cherry ) with Invisio-Hinge and Gloss finish.

This Jatoba Jewelry box took about one month to complete.

It Features:

·        Four corner grain matching – This can only be done by splitting a thick piece of wood and using the split pieces in unison.
·        Book matched top, bottom, and insert floor – Again splitting the thicker piece of wood allows me to “unfold” the two halves for the top and bottom pieces, and for the floor of the top insert.
·        Two inserts ( or dividers ) to compartmentalize the contents.
·        Hand cut joinery, in this case box joints with tolerances of about .003” for a perfect fit.
·        My “Invisio Hinge”, a solid wood hinge that is inlaid into the box and is perfectly flush on the back side, the hinge disappears into the back of the box when not open.
·        Ten coats of gloss varnish.
·        A final top coat of my beeswax and walnut oil finish hand buffed to a mirror finish.
·        Hide glue for the joinery – like all fine musical instruments, hide glue is preferred because it can be released with warm water or heat. Because of this it could be disassembled if needed if it ever needed repairs. – For this reason it will be important for the owner to keep the box out of hot or humid environments and out of direct sunlight. As long as the box is cared for properly, the hide glue is stronger than the wood.

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